Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's a little vain....'smirk...smirk'

It has been a while since I posted anything...I was busy and lazy all at the same time. So I decided to just write a really small post till tomorrow.
This is a post which is seriously long over-due. I have been seriously pondering whether to post or not. I wrote two articles for The Star, did not want to sound vain but what the helllll...It is quite syok to see your own name as the writer. It was not the headlines but still....I just want to SYOK Sendiri saja !!!!

The best part is probably is that they pay me to do what I really enjoy!!!

That is my second article on what would influence one's career, Money or Passion??
I also had to interview people. 23/7/08

This is my first article on myself which I did not even know was pblished until two weeks later!!
I am really blur...23/6/08


Lee said...

Hi Jamuuna, Impressive! Outstanding! Wish I can have your kind of eloquence, and get paid too, ha ha
You have a nice weekend, Lee.

Jamuuna said...

Thanks Uncle Lee. You are wishing for something you already are...a good writer. Well, I was nice to get paid.

Jeeves said...

YAY!!i can't believe i didnt read this post.hahaha.i'm happy for u!i wanna get paid too...but i dun wanna do anything.hehehe.

Jamuuna said...

I wonder who in the right mind will pay you for not doing anything...if they do they are not in the right mind anyway....LOL