Saturday, July 12, 2008

I guess I am no different...

I read an article on the topic of homosexuality by Bernama in another blog (Niamah). The opinions from the readers were rather split (no surprise!). Personally, I've always believed that sexual preferences are personal choices as long as it is between two consensual and sound-minded adults. Thus, it is wrong for us to judge them.

As much as I advocate the believe of not being too judgemental, I too sometimes fall in the trap of casting people aside just because they are different. There is a boy in my college (he was in my class last term)...I am not sure of his name. Everyone calls him 'semi-variable' because he appears a little girly. When I first heard that name, I was pretty mad since I thought it was unfair. He probably did not choose to act differently. But, I kept my objection to myself...I did not tell my friends to stop calling him that behind his back. At that point, I ignored the right thing to do and stuck with the crowd.

I did not bother getting to know his name since he was only the "semi-variable". He must have felt hurt when people looked at him differently. Everytime they mock the way he walks or must have hurt badly. I am not that angry with others for labelling him but I am disappointed with myself for accepting it. I am no saint but I failed to be a mere mortal when I chose to call him semi-variable, when I laughed at jokes made on his expense and when I simply looked at him differently. I know that he will never read this....but yet I feel compelled to say I am sorry.

There are many times when we become too judgemental and for a split moment forget that it could hurt another person.


Sree said...

you are right.
Even when I feel that people are not doing the right thing, I just stay quiet. It's wrong and I feel bad too :(

Jamuuna said...

Sad huh...our lack of courage. I found out that the boy's name was Ken.

fie the elf said...

people make least now you know what to do in the future

Jamuuna said...

Thank you...fie the elf. Sometimes it does take mistakes to make one realise their purpose in life.

Lee said...

Hi Jamuuna, we choose our joys and sorrows long before we experienced them...but iive with no excuses and love without regrets.

As we have a mind of our own, eyes to see ears to hear, who can say, who can tell what we think, or what we look at, and we may see, hear or even say something we might laugh or regret, but we are all human, long as we ourselves know the right from the wrong.

Your mind determines what is possible, your heart surpasses it. By knowing, by accepting things such as what you mentioned so eloquently, it shows goodness of heart which is life to a woman, and joy is what gives her length of days.

You keep well and have a nice day, best regards, Lee.