Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I met RPK!!!

Hardcore journalism has always intrigued me. I always wondered what makes talented journalists brace dangers and explore forbidden grounds to bring the people and their stories to light. Is it the excitement or simply the courage to do the right thing? Many just walk away from forbidden turfs to avoid getting in trouble. But, there are handful of those who stop, look and make differences. These people stand for the best of journalism.

Sadly, the same thing could not be said about our mainstream media. It fails to disseminate news without biasness. It is sad that a certain level of control and restriction makes it harder for them to be neutral and uphold democracy. So, people who are like-minded as me opt for alternative media like blogs where many issues are discuss in a more liberal manner. It is a no-brainer that Raja Petra is one of the leading blogger.

I like the way his writing reflect a certain sense of honesty which changes people's outlook of life. It is also full of hope for a better Malaysia. Moreover, RPK writes about thing he believes in and does not back-off when things are difficult or almost impossible. Malaysia Today (his blog) is full of stories of that provoke thoughtful thinking and defend the innocent. RPK stands for everything that is good about journalism, report without fear or favour.

Lucky me...I finally met him in the KeADILan talk in Petaling Jaya last Sunday! It was the first time I am attending a political talk....!

Ps: I even got a pic with him..


Sree said...

one word, SUPER-COOL!!!

*p/s: that's counted as one rite?!

Jamuuna said...

i don't care...i will take it as one!!

Unknown said...

Dear jamuuna...

Thank you for visiting my blog and calling me. I appreciate it dear.

Take care.

BTW... That is super-super cool...la sis.

Jamuuna said...


yeah...i guess it is quite cool...hehe.

Take care, I hope the coming days would be full of joy and hope for you.

Lee said...

Hi Jamuuna, you yourself are a very eloquent blogger.
Hope to see your name one day among the top journalists of the world.
By the way, if free drop by...got something for you, Lee.

Jamuuna said...

Thank You Lee. I sure hope that I could measure up to some of the excellent journalists we have around. Have a great weekend.