Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Here Again!

I always feel "Extra Malaysian" around this time every year because of the durian season. Durians or the "king of all fruits" as it is gloriously called is absolutely one of a kind. You either like it or hate. There are no in betweens....lucky me!! I am one those who can really salivate just looking at the thorny durians (yummm.....yummmm).

I remember those days when my grandparents were living in Raub, Pahang. Along the journey, there will be many gerai's selling various local fruits. Funny how all of them are situated in the middle of nowhere. My dad would just stop the car and make the tauke or the abang open the durian there and then. The whole process of opening the thorny outer skin until the gorgeous yellow/ golden pieces appear builts up a feeling of excitement and a huge appetite. As far as I remember, we all fight to be the first one to get the taste of the durian. That is not as embarrassing as the 'hooo and the haaah' sounds we make savouring the taste; echoed by the stall owner's assurance and persuasion to try more. Somehow we succumb to it rather easily. When the moment comes when there is only one piece left....greed truly shines in all our eyes. Believe it or not...we actually fight for it.

After walloping all the pieces, there is always the one last thing to do, a tradition that grew up with us. We use the opened durian skin which has a hole in it (I can't exactly illustrate it that well) as a cup....we drink out of it. The water by the way also comes from the middle of the jungle thus the hygiene factor has to be bypassed. Since we could not 'balik kampung' nowadays...we just have to be satisfied eating the durian around KL. Buy it and eat at home....method. Seriously, it is not that fun as eating in the wild.

As much as one loves durians, these not the type that should be eaten alone. The whole process requires lots of admiring eyes and seduced minds. Try opening a whole durian on your own and eat it all alone...It feels it is rather lonely. The one man show just does not work for durians. Eating a durian truly require a celebration with complete strangers in the middle of nowhere!!! I guess that what makes durians so Malaysian.

The huge pile of spikes....!!

Can you see the sneak peek of yellow-ness....I just cannot wait to get my hands on it (yummmm...)

It took him minutes to open that durian...

My a serious effort of being all stud-like

That's my sis...keeping to our tradition!!!

You would think she is in heaven...mind you she is not posing! That is exactly how she eats durians...

The Finale!!!!

P/S : I remember watching a show where the guy goes around the world eating all the freak
food like worms, toads and many more totally disgusting stuffs. When he finally came
to Malaysia, he said that the durianis the worst of the lot due to the 'terrible odour'. Can
believe it?? That poor soul thinks monkey brain is better than durians!!


Sree said...

You are so rite!!!
luv durians!!!
just had them an hour or so ago :D :D


Jamuuna said...


Lee said...

Hi Jmunna, I too enjoy durians...but we get ours from Thailand and Vietnam. Not bad too.
Anyway, make sure you not taking a long flight to anywhere after eating durians.
And one might have an early date home if going out on a date after eating them, Ha ha.

Maybe you already know, but if carrying durians in your car and to get rid of the strong after smells, put a block of charcoal in the trunk.
And its easier to open a durian with a long, strong screwdriver...push it into the back dead centre, after washing it first,...and pry open.

Enjoy your durians...burrrrp, x'cuse me. Lee.

Jeeves said...

omg jam!!u freako.haha.i hate durians.they stink.and no fruit is supposed to be so...slimy and gooey and just bleh.LOL.but yes, 'enjoy' yer durian since u luv it so muchhhh.*shudder

Jamuuna said...

Uncle Lee,

No durians when going on a date with you lol!!

good tips...will let my dad know.

Jamuuna said...


You freak! How can you not like the King of Fruits!!