Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am in Love!

Since exams ended, I have been shutting everything out of my mind. Maybe I should not have....because I just found out from my friend that college starts next wednesday. I can't believe I did not know that. I guess I lost the sense of time and space. Weird though. Anyway, it has been a very important holidays. I learned a lot doing practically nothing. since the hols started, I have been sleeping at nearly 4 or 5pm everyday. I never knew that night could be so silent and peaceful. It's nice to just pick up a book and lose myself in someone else's world. It is absolutely liberating. I have also been experiencing whirlwind of emotions. I sometimes feel so happy....happy here meaning I could feel it everywhere. At those times, everyone seem so perfect despite all their imperfection. Maybe it is love....I have finally learned what it truly means to be in love. well, at least my post sounds happy cause I feel like I am at the top of the world right now. Did you know that you got to see the goodness in you first, it's your responsibility to yourself...someone wise told me that. (although it is a common knowledge)

p.s / I am not particularly in love with anyone...I was talking about life.

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Sree said...

hey, nice to hear that!!!