Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I feel like an Idiot!

Last Sunday was horrible. My very bad mood persisted to the weekend and I kind of lost the spirit of celebrating Father's Day, my first time. I did not bother giving him any gifts or be bothered at all. I was really MAD. As the weekend passed and I regained some sense of composure, I was totally hit by sadness. I missed Father's Day. It's like one of the most important day in a father's life. I so totally screwed that up for him. My dad probably did not take it that seriously but I am sure he would have felt slightly disappointed. I am thinking of ways to compensate. A gift would just not do...I would probably do a card for him.

Well, it's not like he is going to read this but I just cannot help it:

Happy Father's Day appa!!

Just want to let you know that of all the amazing things you have given us, the best will always be your love, courage and the desire to dream for greatness. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Well, hope you patched things up with your dad.

Are you free on the coming Monday/Tuesday? Lunch and movie? I smsed you but don't know if you got it. I'm getting Bee to come along too and Jeevs should be able to as well.

Unknown said...

whao!.hope ur dad really see it..^^
well, I think u can show ur dad the appreciation on August 18..^^