Friday, June 13, 2008

Unexpected Events...

On Monday (2nd June) morning at about 3.00 am- 4.00 pm, a thief broke into my house. He entered through the back door, came into my room and my mom's room. He ransacked my jewellery boxes...thank God he did not take my bracelet which was together with all the other fake stuffs. We lost some cash and a notebook. This break-in was really weird. I only went to bed around 2.30 a.m. But i could not sleep since i was stressing out thinking about my exam. Somewhere around 3.55 a.m, I felt someone pouring water on me, that woke me up. From my window, i saw a shadow. i quietly left the room to alert my dad. When i opened my room door, i saw a person standing near the window. Outside, all our stuffs were ransacked. By the time we checked there was no one around. He closed all the back door, leaving no trace of entry except the messy stuffs. This was really scary as no one actually woke up. Why would the thief wake me up and wait for me to alert my dad and then leave?Losing materials is a thing,but to know that someone walked into your house and managed to go out without a hassle is very depressing. i kind of grew paranoid, looking over my shoulder all the time hoping to see a shadow. One tends to suspect everyone when your privacy is invaded.
The next incident happened two days later. Some one tried to break-in. So, we had to call the cops. I just so completely hate them!!!

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