Thursday, May 29, 2008

What A Hypocrite!!!

I know it is not right trash people behind their back, or trash at all...but some hypocrites just beg for this types of treatment. Let me go into the details, I happen to know a bunch of disgusting hypocrites who talk very much about relationship or the right things to do. Hearing them talk makes you believe that they are people with some sense of ethics. But their actions are simply out of selfishness. They trash people not realising that they have a worse attitude. I wonder how can they sleep every night not feeling any sense of guilt. I totally believe that you don't need to be a saviour of mankind, but try not to betray those who have placed their trust in you. I just wish I could tell them that right to their face, but sadly I can't. I have to give them face because they are close to a person who is very important to me. I know that I cannot expect perfection (I understand that more than anyone else...since I am so flawed myself) but a little honesty or integrity in a relationship is not much to ask.

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