Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Now Appreciate...

A solemn day for me. TJ (my senior) collected my phone from the shop. The technician pronounced it DEAD - 'irrecoverable'. This particular disaster took place last week when my phone got wet and I could not switch it on. I thought the battery was dead and decided to charged it...and there it went (Short Circuit)!! My phone was burned!!

I am not much of a phone person. My livelihood does not depend on this little gadget, Boy...was I wrong. Today my dad wanted to contact me to ask me to go home and not wait for him and of course he could not call me...So I waited for him for 3 hours!!! I really miss the convinience of a mobile phone. Seeing my phone in a very bad condition, I felt really sad. It was my phone after all.

So...A Tribute for My Phone (an inanimate object...i know!)

I know that I never cared for you were merely a luxury (or so I thought). But when you are no more around, I miss you. In the back of my mind, I wish I could here you ring once again, receive one more message...just one more. I guess it is true that one never appreciates things when it's available.

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