Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Burial of Compassion and Humanity....

I was eating Pizza when I changed the channel to CNN. What I saw was so devastating that I stopped eating. The effects of cyclone Nargis left the already oppressed people of Myanmar in a worst situation. Homeless, starvation, diseases, losing their loved one and worst of all a government who does not care. It is utterly disgusting that their military ruler still block away the international aids pouring in, allowing only little help. Reports also show that help given to the people are being used by the Myanmar soldiers themselves. Dead bodies are left rotting without proper burial. Sadness apart, i felt angry that these so called leaders have buried all sense of compassion, humanity and morality for their own selfish agenda. Let's just hope the cyclone Nargis victims will hang on to some flick of hope and come through. We on the other hand can only pray for them.

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