Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My First Post...on a NOT so good week!!!

well, my first post on a seriously horrible week. I have got less than 17 days to my exams (I am NOT prepared) at all!!! GOD has to help me!! Apart from that, I am in a dilemma whether I have made the right choice in life. I don't want to be an auditor or an accountant (I wonder why am I doing ACCA)...but i really enjoy my course. i want to work in a job which deals human element- financial planning perhaps. But, I wish I could do something related to politics or journalism...or perhaps a professional public speaker, that thought snaked it's way through after the Star's Public Speaking Finals. All this is really confusing...but none is gonna help me score in my papers in June!!!


Sree said...

hehe..nice blog!
glad that u hv started blogging too..

Sree ;D

Jeeves said...

ooooooooo...someone's started blogging.proffesional speaker sounds they hv courses for that?

add me to ur blogroll!

P/s-welcome to blogspot!

Sam said...

Professional Public Speaker!!! =P
Sounds pretty awesome.
Yay for blogging!