Friday, December 17, 2010


Well, my presence in my own blog is a bit like 'now I am here and now I am not'. Somehow, saying I was so busy with life and was unable to blog sounds like a really pathetic excuse. Truth is, I was just not itching to write. But lately, it's been bugging me. I want to write, there seems to be so many stories crowding my head.

Actually, two days ago I was unable to sleep. Amidst my serious attempt of falling asleep, I was thinking about kids who are not privileged enough to sleep in their own beds. Well, unknown to many of us, there are kids out there roaming our streets. No shelter from rain or any other danger. The issue is that nothing is being done to keep these kids safe because most of them do not have any identity. Thus, they do not fall under any constituency. majority of them are refugees. These kids are stranded when their parents (illegal immigrants) are caught and deported to their respective countries. Very little is being done to address this issue. Of course there are organisations who do as much as they can like Nur Salam but they cannot save all the children. Sadly, many of them waste away in the web of drug abuse, child prostitution and trafficking; such a vicious cycle.

We are all so cheery with the feeling of Christmas but lets not forget that the real joy of Christmas is in giving to the needy. So, think about it...what will your share be?


Lee said...

Wishing the very best of seasons greetings, Lee.

Jamuuna said...

Thanks Uncle Lee!! Merry Christmas to you too!