Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Lack of Life

College starts tomorrow. I am least enthusiastic about it...especially the reality of facing Corporate Reporting. The thought of it makes my toes curl and chills my blood. I am so not looking forward to this paper. But, I should by right throw away this negativity and look at the bright side of it (........reeeeallly cannot think of anything). Well, no matter what I still have to get through the paper and my tutor's absolutely dry humor (unable to determine which is more dreadful).

I am also rather disappointed in my lack of initiative to make proper plan and watch avatar, sherlock holmes, kurbaan and 3 idiots. I seriously need to get a life (i am the nerd minus the glasses). I so promise my self that I am going to watch all these movies by next Wednesday even if it kills me!!! Well, I am off to make preparation for tomorrow

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