Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cold, Hard Reality

I took this quiz in Facebook about my accounting ability and boy, the result was mind-boggling!! It said YOU CAN'T BE AN ACCOUNTANT : you dont even know the different between debit and credit!!! This is a joke especially after atmost a year and a half of killing myself with ACCA (well i did not study that hard..but just to emphasise the matter here!!). What am to do now? Pack up and go hiking?


Jeeves said...

er no...ur gonna stick it out till the ned because quitting is nonexistent in ur vocabulary?Hahaha. And yes, we must meet la. I wanna watch Coffee Prince. U free on Wednesdays?

Jamuuna said...

I am gonna finish ACCA....and guess what Facebook Quiz creaters should know that I do know my debits and credits!! Thanks Jeeves